Despite the efforts done to engage societal actors in scientific developments, many citizens still do not see why they should understand science or participate in it. Nevertheless, they potentially engage in science through dialogues and actions (live and digital) that are related to research results. Moreover, they are willing to participate in science when they become aware of the social impacts generated by research outcomes.

Therefore, the general goal of this project is twofold: on the one hand, to create new knowledge about how to transform potential citizen participation in science into actual engagement in scientific research. On the other hand, to unveil new ways to engage societal actors, including young citizens and groups that have traditionally been excluded from science. This will be done in the framework of two Sustainable Development Goals –Quality Education and Gender Equality – and with a mixed method approach, by using digital technology (social media analytics), a survey and an intervention study, including communicative focus groups. By exploring the transformation of potential engagement into actual engagement through fostering awareness of the social impact of research, this project will contribute to understand how societal actors react to and interact with scientific developments.

The aim is to improve the cooperation between science and society, with diverse citizens and societal actors involved in it. The potential pair between scientific excellence and social awareness of social impact of research will be addressed alongside. This proposal has been developed by an interdisciplinary consortium in close dialogue with diverse stakeholders and societal actors. The inclusion of their voices will raise critical dimensions to successfully engage diverse citizens in science. Overall, engaging in a transformative and productive dialogue with citizens throughout the research will be key process in order to achieve the envisioned goal.

WP Lead Beneficiary Period
WP1 Citizens’ benefits from social impact UB M1-M17
WP2 Raising citizen awareness of social impact SCSP-ULisboa M4-M18
WP3 From awareness to citizen engagement in science UH M5-M19
WP4 Engagement, co-creation and recruitment of new talent UNIMIB M5-M20
WP5 Replicability of actions aimed at citizen engagement in science RUG M21-M26
WP6 Informing policy for replicability UOXF M27-M30
WP7 Dissemination, exploitation and communication
of the project’s results
EPA M1-M30
WP8 Management UB M1-M30
WP9 Ethics requirements UB M1-M30

List of deliverables

Number Deliverable Title Lead beneficiary Dissemination level Deadline
D1.1 Raw data 1 – UB Public 7
D1.2 Report 1 “How societal actors benefit from the social
impact of scientific research in gender and education”
1 – UB Public 17
D2.1 Report 2 “Initiatives which are making societal actors
aware of the scientific research that led to the solutions
they appreciate”
5 – ISCSP-ULisboa Public 18
D3.1 Report 3 “Awareness- raising actions which are encouraging
an active engagement of societal actors in direct participation
in science”
2 – UH Public 19
D4.1 Minutes from Worshop 1 7 – EPA Public 19
D4.2 Report 4 “Actions fostering the recruitment of new talent
in science and their participation in the co-creation of knowledge”
4 – UNIMIB Public 20
D5.1 Report 5 “Study of the replicability of awareness-raising actions
which foster citizen participation in scientific research with impact”
3 – RUG Public 26
D6.1 Minutes from Workshop 2 7 – EPA Public 30
D6.2 Report 6 “Fostering citizen participation in science through
awareness-raising action on the social impact of research:
evidence for policy”
6 – UOXF Public 30
D7.1 Dissemination, Exploitation, Communication and Impact Plan 1 – UB Confidential 1
D7.2 Data Management Plan 1 – UB Confidential 2
D7.3 Policy Brief 7 – EPA Public 20
D7.4 SSH Research guide 1 – UB Public 30
Number Deliverable Title Lead beneficiary Dissemination level Deadline
  D7.5 Webpage of the Project and social media accounts   1 – UB   Public   1
  D7.6   Video-Capsules   7 – EPA   Public   17
  D7.7   Sciencethon   1 – UB   Public   17
  D7.8   Game Jam   1 – UB   Public   26
  D7.9   Science Open Events   7 – EPA   Public   17
  D7.10 Chain of Bridging Narratives   1 – UB   Public   26
  D7.11 Open Final Conference Channel   1 – UB   Public   30
  D7.12   Scientific publications   1 – UB   Public   30
  D8.1   Steering Committee meeting minutes   1 – UB Confidential,   1
  D8.2 Gender and Youth Action Plan 5 – ISCSP-ULisboa Confidential,   2
  D9.1   H – Requirement No. 1   1 – UB Confidential,   4
  D9.2   H – Requirement No. 3   1 – UB Confidential,   6
  D9.3    – Requirement No. 4   1 – UB Confidential,   3
  D9.4   H – Requirement No. 5   1 – UB Confidential,   6
  D9.5   POPD – Requirement No. 6   1 – UB Confidential,   1
  D9.6   POPD – Requirement No. 8   1 – UB Confidential,   1

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