Grounded on the perspective of social impact of research, ALLINTERACT project seeks to go beyond scientific impact of research to achieve political and social impact, as well. Thus, ALLINTERACT intends not only to promote the dissemination of project results among institutions, companies, NGOs, and citizens, but to ensure their transference, which takes place when policy-makers, NGOs, or citizens use the research results to carry out their interventions, and Social Impact, which occurs when this transference leads to the improvement of citizens’ lives according to their own goals, such as the SDG.

ALLINTERACT is committed to social impact of research since the beginning of the project. For this reason, the strategy for a continuous identification and monitoring of social impact includes ex-ante, in-itinere and ex-post evaluation of the full range of stakeholders and end-users with an interest in using and benefiting of the results generated in the project. This strategy also includes details on actions, targets and means through which the expected impact will be achieved.

In this line, ALLINTERACT expected impacts are. 1) Consortia will choose a basket of indicators to measure the impact of their work against. In particular, consortia will contribute to twenty of the MoRRI indicators, 2) Consortia will contribute to two Sustainable Development Goals, 3) R&I outcomes will help build effective cooperation between science and society; 4) R&I outcomes will foster the recruitment of new talent for science, 5) R&I outcomes will pair scientific excellence with social awareness and responsibility, 6) Scientific and other types of publication are foreseen

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